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Hey guys Taylor here and today I wanted to show you a free site called listia where you can get free things online, so shipping, just 100% free stuff!



  1. Listia- This is an online auction site, kinda like eBay. Except instead of using money you have points, and you can get points free by doing surveys, inviting friends, being invited, and selling items. Please note on some of the items shipping does cost, you have to go to the side where it says Filter results and in the categorize below that it says “Free Shipping Only.” just select that and it will only show you ones with free shipping.


You can sign up with my moms invite code and earn 1,000 credits- 

Auctions for free stuff at


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DIY Spa Day + New YouTube Video

Hey guys, Taylor here! I decided to make a post today because well, why not. So in this post you’ll see some super cool DIY’s that you can use to make it the perfect spa day for you at home for almost NOTHING! ūüôā

So let’s get started! ūüôā



                                                                                   Foot Spa

To have an amazing foot spa you don’t need to pay 30-40 bucks! Here’s the things you’ll need for this DIY.

  • Small bucket or storage bin, anything you can fit your feet in and that holds water.
  • Bath Salts
  • Chair

It’s actually pretty simple just fill the container with warm water, sit it on the floor, put the chair you wanna sit in behind it, sit down put your feet in then put your bath salts in or you can just use soap, your choice! ūüôā


Face Scrub

Next I’m gonna tell you about an awesome DIY face scrub that I¬†Highly¬†recommend! So here’s what you’ll need for this simple DIY.

  • Oatmeal (From a packet)
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Small container with lid
  • Sugar

It’s really simple, here’s what you do. Get your container with a lid, put some oatmeal in it, put a little water in it (Make sure it’s not too watered down) Put a little honey in it,And simply add a very little bit of sugar. It’s hard to give you the right side amounts because you can have different size jars so I’ll try my best okay.¬†Fill it 75% full with oatmeal, about 20% full with water, ¬†10% full of water, and 3% full of sugar.


Smooth lips

Okay this one helps get off all that nasty dead skin off of your lips. And all you need is the following.

  • A plate or container to make it in
  • Sugar
  • Honey

It’s pretty simple you just mix honey and sugar and put it on your lips for however long you want it on there and then wash it off, and then BOOM! Fablous lips!


Here’s my new YouTube video by the way!


Well, that’s pretty much it, thanks for coming to my blog guys! Until next time…


~Taylor Lynn




New YouTube video

Hey guys Taylor here! I just wanted to quickly show you my new YouTube video!



Thank you so much for coming to my blog even though I now don’t have a schedule. Just to fill you in incase you don’t already know, I will not always be posting anymore, but I will give you updates on when I post my weekly YouTube video.

Thanks again, I really appreciate all of your support. Bye.


~Taylor Lynn



Hey guys Taylor here! Today I just wanted to give you guys a quick update! I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be able to post once a week, between that, youtube, school, friends, tv shows, family, and photoshoots with my friends, it’s just a lot of work. So I’m still gonna post, just not once a week maybe once every 2-3 weeks or so. I’m really sorry.


~Taylor Lynn


New Videos

Hey guys, since school just started recently I wanted to tell you I’m not gonna be able to post as much as I usually do, but I still will try to post ask MUCH as possible I promise. I’ll just be really busy with YouTube and School, blogging and my wattpad are just things I do for fun. :/


So here are my 2 latest YouTube videos!


Well that’s pretty much it, I really hope you enjoyed those videos, cya later guys! ūüôā


~Taylor Lynn


Makeup Haul! (Kinda)

Hey guys, its Taylor here! What’s up? It’s been a while since I’ve made an actual post, not a short one, an actual long one like this! Anyways so today I’m gonna sorta be doing a makeup/beauty haul, just in text form. So let’s get started with this kinda odd haul.

OH! Also by the way I got EVERYTHING in this haul from a site called¬†Wish¬†it’s a super amazing site where everything is¬†super cheap¬†but the product is still amazing, the reason it’s so cheap is because it’s shipping from so far away. (Japan and China I think) Okay, so now let’s get started.

Capture¬†So if you can’t tell this is liquid eyeliner. It cost a total of $2. $1 for the item and $1 for shipping, so actually it’s pretty cheap. You don’t get to choose which bottle you get they all have black waterproof liquid eyeliner in them just a different design on the outside, they’re all cute so it didn’t really matter to me. If you would like to look at this item on wish please click the photo of it, along with the other photos to view the item you want.






Makeup blender sponge, okay so this is pretty much just used to blend in makeup and stuff the total for it is $2. You get 1 sponge and it’s $1 for the item and $1 for shipping. Like the other one you don’t get to choose the color so yeah, it doesn’t really matter to me which color I get, they all pretty much work the same.






It’s a little hard to tell what this is but it’s a lip balm type thingy. I just pretty much thought it was cute so well I decided to get it. I don’t really like to wear exotic colored lipstick I like to keep my lips natural because my black eyeshadow is crazy enough. Anyways this is a total of $2, it’s $1 for the item and $1 for shipping and stuff. They have several different ones but they send they randomly like the last couple I showed you so you don’t get to choose.






Not a ton of people will understand what this necklace is from. If you don’t know it’s from The Vampire Diaries which is one of my favorite¬†Tv shows, its super awesome! Anyways, it’s $2 total, like the last few $1 for the item and $1 for shipping.







This item like the other items is $2 dollars total, $1 for the item and $1 for shipping. It’s gel eyeliner and it comes with the brush and it’s black and waterproof. This is one of the simpler items with not as much explaining to do.





Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this post and like this site. Also I was looking around online and found 2 more cheap sites, I haven’t tried them out yet so I don’t know if they are safe yet. I know 5 dollars and below is safe because it’s an actual store but not sure about the other. Have fun if you do try them and comment below what you got! ūüôā

5 dollars and below

Shop Miss A

Thanks for coming to my site, cya later. Bye! ‚̧

~Taylor Lynn